Victoria’s story

“This was our first rental property. We’d been living near the city centre but wanted to move back to this area as it’s where I grew up. I was pregnant with our second child and needed to be nearer my parents. Our circumstances prevented us from affording our own home in this area and renting was a scary prospect as we’d always had our own house.

We viewed properties in the area and none felt like ‘our family home.’ Then I came across this one. We fell in love with it straight away. Three years later, we’re still here and have no plans to move.

We love this area and the house. My little boy was born here and my daughter goes to the school nearby. Our neighbours are fantastic, and we couldn’t be happier here.

Equfund made this rental experience really positive. Their staff have always been helpful. They’ve responded to questions promptly, anything needing fixing has been fixed quickly.”

Equfund are brilliant, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to friends or family who are looking at renting.