Ted’s story

Ted is a retired charity worker and has rented his home from Equfund since 2014 with his dog. Originally from Jamaica, Ted’s work as a ship’s steward work took him around the World and the last ship he worked on was in the Bering Sea near north-east Russia. “It was so cold the water turned to ice instantly.” A couple of Scousers advised Ted to move to Liverpool and they’d help him find work.

He went on to work in the local Marie Curie hospice where he stayed until his retirement. He told us, “My children had moved on and I was alone in a big house. I wanted to live somewhere easy to maintain.”

He left his previous home because next door was used as a drugs den. “I had to draw my curtains even during the day. There were visitors at all hours and what they were smoking gave me a permanent headache.’

His friend Margaret recommended an Equfund property in her street and put him in touch. Ted secured the property next door to Margaret and settled into the community well. He’s regarded highly by neighbours who often go to him for advice.

When I moved into this property I said, “you’ve landed on your feet here Ted.’ I love this place, I couldn’t be happier. I close the door and don’t worry about a thing.