Carmel’s story

Carmel has worked as a hospital clerk and has lived in her property for over 30 years. After purchasing her home from the Council, she suffered financial difficulty due to escalating mortgage payments and was facing repossession and eviction. She applied to Equfund to purchase her property on a sale and rent back basis.

Equfund was there for Carmel when she needed it most. She felt vulnerable and about to have her much loved family home repossessed. She says, “In the 13 years since Equfund became my landlord, I’ve paid less than market rent for the area. I know I can rely on them if I ever have a problem.” She went on:

Equfund are a lovely team, all very polite, I couldn’t say a bad word about them. I know I can rely on them if I ever have a problem.

She had double glazing and a new heating system installed two years ago and was very apprehensive about having such major works done. She said:

I can’t believe the difference it’s made. I’m so grateful. It’s made the house feel even more like my home.

I can’t explain the relief when I was told I could stay in my home. I was thrown a lifeline for which I shall be eternally grateful.