Sanctuary Bond by Equfund

We have launched the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund, an emergency fund with money loaned to us by our ethically-minded patrons. This fund will give us the ability to buy property to let to the hidden homeless and others in urgent need of emergency accommodation. To keep our tenants’ rents low, we offer our socially conscious supporters interest rate options ranging from 0% through to 5% interest, and also an inflation-linked option (linked to the Consumer Price Index, subject to a cap of 5%).

We launched the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund to combat to the escalating homelessness problem caused by high rents and years of financial austerity which has culminated in a housing crisis and an urgent need for emergency housing. People who will benefit from your investment in the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund will include families evicted from their rented properties unexpectedly and women—often with young children—who are fleeing domestic violence.

The money raised by the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund will be used to purchase accommodation within targeted areas across the United Kingdom (2-hour radius from London, 2-hour radius from our home on Merseyside). These cities will include Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Each property will provide shelter for people who are threatened with homelessness, giving them a safe home in which to rebuild their lives. We have the expertise and experience to acquire and manage this housing.

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A sustainable fund

Our Loanstock supporters loan money to Equfund and we use those funds to purchase rental properties. We have a proven track record of helping the UK’s homeless get back on their feet. Since 2002, we have found homes for thousands of people through investments of over £32 million.

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