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The homelessness crisis

People in the UK massively underestimate the true scale of the homelessness problem. In our survey, fewer than 2% knew the UK’s homeless population is over 300,000 and that 1-in-10 people in Britain have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.

Most people consider homelessness as rough sleeping and not living in a bed & breakfast accommodation, hostels, shelters, or sleeping on friends’ sofas. However, the fact is, rough sleepers account for the smallest percentage of people that are officially homeless.

58% of women wouldn’t have necessary financial resources if they lost their home unexpectedly.

Most homelessness is caused because people do not have resources to rent a place quickly. Over 50% will be unable to afford to move or will have to borrow money if they lose their home unexpectedly. This demonstrates just how vulnerable to homelessness most people in Britain are.

Private renting is now so expensive that many people simply can’t get by without some housing benefit, even if they’re working.

— Shelter

Solving the issue

Equfund helps communities

Founded in 2002 by Daniel Mahon, our goal has always been to provide people with affordable housing to help prevent homelessness. We have invested over £32m in affordable and emergency housing for people who need it most.

£32m from our supporters invested

We raise money by issuing Loanstock, a way for socially aware patrons to invest in an Community Benefit Society for a fixed period of time, helping to fund affordable and emergency housing across the UK.

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Sanctuary Bond by Equfund Loanstock

An emergency fund with money loaned to us by our ethically-minded supporters. This fund will give us the ability to buy property to let to the hidden homeless and others in urgent need of emergency accommodation.

We launched the Sanctuary Bond to combat the escalating homelessness problem caused by high rents and years of financial austerity. These have culminated in a housing crisis and urgent need for emergency housing.

People who will benefit from your investment in the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund will include families evicted from their rented properties unexpectedly and women—often with young children—who are fleeing domestic violence.

The money raised by the Sanctuary Bond by Equfund will be used to purchase accommodation within targeted areas across the United Kingdom (2-hour radius from London, 2-hour radius from our home on Merseyside. These cities will include Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

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We hope you’ll help us to provide affordable, decent, and secure homes for people who really need them.

Loanstock is a social investment and is not covered by a Financial Services Compensation scheme.