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  1. Who issues the Loanstock?
  2. What’s Loanstock?
  3. How much may I invest?
  4. Will I pay any fees?
  5. When will I receive a Loanstock certificate?
  6. Will I part-own your society?
  7. How much interest will I receive?
  8. When do I get my money back?
  9. What happens if I die?
  10. When will I receive interest?
  11. What happens if Equfund closes?
  12. Could I lose my investment?
  13. How do I pay for Loanstock?
  14. May I visit any of your properties?

Who issues the Sanctuary Bond?

Equfund (IPS) Limited is a Community Benefit Society registered in the Mutual Societies Section of the Financial Conduct Authority. We have been providing affordable accommodation to those in housing need since 2002. The Sanctuary Bond by Equfund is in no way affiliated, implied or otherwise, or should be confused with, Sanctuary Group, Chamber Court, Castle Street, Worcester WR1 3ZQ, or any other organisation bearing the sanctuary name.

What’s Loanstock?

Loanstock is security in the form of an unsecured bond issued by us in return for a loan. The bond promises to repay a loan—sometimes with interest— on a particular date or when a specific condition has been met.

How much may I invest?

You’re able to invest from £1,000–£250,000 which is the maximum for a single investment. A married couple are able to invest £500,000 together.

Will I pay any fees?

We don’t charge fees for Loanstock investments .

When will I receive a Loanstock certificate?

A Loanstock certificate will be issued 14 days from the issuing date or receipt of your investment.

Will I part-own Equfund?

No, Loanstock is a debt instrument and not an equity investment. You will have no voting rights or be required to be involved in the management of our society.

How much interest will I receive?

We offer several interest rate options; from zero interest to 5%, and a further option of inflation linked. The inflation linked option is a variable interest option and is linked to the Consumer Price Index, it is subject to a cap of 5%.

When do I get my money back?

You choose a term from 3–15 years after which we will return your investment. The money you loan to us will be used to buy property and so Loanstock is not suited to investors who may need immediate access to capital or who may be looking to withdraw money in the shorter term. NB: You should not enter into a Loanstock arrangement if you will need money back before its maturity date.

What happens if I die?

Your Loanstock holding forms part of your estate and will be redeemed at the end of its term.

When will I receive interest (if chosen)?

You’ll receive interest within 14 days of the anniversary date.

What happens if Equfund closes?

In the event Equfund is wound up, all our assets would be sold and our debts met from the proceeds. Loanstock holders would be classed as unsecured creditors. After all debts have been met, and Loanstock holders repaid, remaining funds would be passed to another Community Benefit Society to provide affordable accommodation for people in housing need.

Could I lose my investment?

With investment, your capital is at risk. Loanstock is suited to investors who have enough resources to bear any loss resulting from the investment and who are capable of evaluating the risks and merits of an investment. The price and value of property cannot be guaranteed, and the income derived from it fluctuates. Your investment is not covered by any financial services compensation scheme and is not secured against any property. There is a risk you may not realise the amount originally loaned. Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose. You might also want to seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

How do I pay for Loanstock?

Our application process is simple. Please complete the application form and send to us with a cheque made payable to “Equfund.” We are able to accept internet bank transfers/BACS.

May I visit any of your properties?

Of course. We will be happy to arrange this.